5 Reasons why Jim Corbett National Park is the best for wildlife photography

Jim Corbett National Park , India

Jim Corbett National Park is more than just a wildlife sanctuary. It stands for our commitment to saving wild animals and giving them a better environment and life. The Park is the oldest of its kind in India and has been one of the foremost destinations for wildlife photographers in particular and nature enthusiasts in general. Besides the presence of several Jim Corbett Resorts and other amenities, there are many reasons why this national Park is the very best for wildlife photography in India.

  1. Variety

Jim Corbett is credited with housing more than 590 species of animals. Besides the elusive Bengal tiger, there are leopards, bears, elephants and several other species of mammals. The Himalayan Black bears, Indian pangolins and rhesus monkeys are all special attractions for wildlife photographers. Apart from these animals, the presence of other exotic species of birds, amphibians, and reptiles make the park an ideal destination for wildlife photographers.

  1. Track the life of the wild

If you decide to stay long enough, you may be able to trace and track the everyday life of the wild beasts. You could spot a tigress with her cubs, elephants as they wander about the thick jungle foliage, bears napping on the branches of trees, or rhinos taking a lazy walk in the afternoon. Jim Corbett Park promises many exciting and exhilarating experiences to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.


Jim Corbett National Park , India

  1. Bird Reservoir

Jim Corbett National Park is also known for a very large number of resident and migratory birds that have made this Park their home. The crested serpent eagle, the red jungle fowl and the blossom headed parakeet may just be able to give you that much coveted click. With more than 586 species of birds, every photographer can be sure to capture, on his camera, the best scenes in the animal kingdom.

Jim Corbett park India

  1. Best of Nature

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park comprises an extensive piece of land characterized by unmatched natural beauty. Beautiful sunrises, hills covered in clouds and snow, water-bodies surrounded by lush verdure – all contribute to creating the flawless picture.

  1. Focused Photography

Since Jim Corbett is divided into several zones, a committed photographer can focus on one zone at a time. Also, each zone is open to the public at different times of the year. As such, it is easier for a photographer to focus on a zone that houses animals or birds of his/her interest. This allows for undivided attention.



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