Village Walks in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumaon, India

image014Binsar is a wildlife sanctuary under the management of Corbett National Park. Within its boundaries are hamlets whose residents have lived for centuries in close proximity of the forest and wildlife, and whose livelihood is interdependent with nature. The development and progress made in other villages of the region has eluded these hamlets due to stringent dscn5959laws, remoteness of locations and the fact the people would feel resentment towards the Sanctuary unless efforts are made to integrate them into activities which empower them economically and socially. The concept of the village walks is to introduce nature lovers to the world of the forest dwellers and the hamlets within Binsar, creating a sustainable livelihood for the villagers and motivating them to appreciate and protect the unique biodiversity of the sanctuary.

The village walks are hosted by a local professional operator, Alpine Adventure, and the residents of five of the hamlets in the Sanctuary: Gaunap, Katdhara, Pataniyanail, Dalar and Rishal.

image004 The walks take visitors through both the upper and lower reaches of Binsar, through oak and pine forests, up crests with stunning views of the Himalayas and surrounding areas and down valleys with streams and thick undergrowth. Starting from the North face of Binsar the walks go round the south and west faces of the mountain and return to the top. En route visitors will see hundreds of varieties of plants and wildlife, namely ghoral, barking deer, langur monkeys, wild boar, and possibly even a leopard. For birdwatchers there are 400 species of resident and migratory birds in Binsar Sanctuary. Combined with the great outdoor and a forest adventure are the lovely villages with their terraced fields, stone houses, and their dignified and hardworking inhabitants. In spite of the hardships of life and relative backwardness of the area, the people are proud and exude an inner strength and resolve as well as gentleness and joy. Visitors are guaranteed to come away nourished and refreshed by the experience.

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  1. Kumaon Traveler

    Kumaon name is believed to be derived from Kurmanchal meaning land of Kumavatar (the tortoise avatar of Lord Vishnu). Overall, a beautiful place with beautiful places. From Nainital to Munsiyari, it’s really really good.

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