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Bhutan Monasteries

The country of Bhutan is home to hundreds of thousands of traditional Tibetan Buddhists. To penetrate the veil of this closed kingdom, however, you need to obtain the services of an experienced travel organization: Footloose Bhutan. As a unique, affordable, tailor-made tour seller, we have been coordinating adventures to the most far-flung regions of earth …

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Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India

Experience one of India’s most fascinating festivals, the annual Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Every year, thousands of Rajasthani village converge in this picturesque town to buy and sell camels and other cattle. They come for the entertaining camel-races and local circuses. Crowds of village folk also browse the local markets for camel saddles, textiles, glass …

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Panama’s Carnival

    Today conclude the carnival celebrations in Panama that have been in progress since Friday. The festivities started with the Coronation of the Carnival Queen and from then on it’s been five days and nights of non-stop partying all over Panama. The most lavish and traditional festivities are known to take place in Las …

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