Bhutan Monasteries

The country of Bhutan is home to hundreds of thousands of traditional Tibetan Buddhists. To penetrate the veil of this closed kingdom, however, you need to obtain the services of an experienced travel organization: Footloose Bhutan. As a unique, affordable, tailor-made tour seller, we have been coordinating adventures to the most far-flung regions of earth for over 30 years. Footloose Bhutan tours eschew the mundane for the exotic, and all staff members work diligently to ensure safe travel experiences.

One of the most monastery-rich regions in the country is Bumthang. On Footloose Bhutan’s Bhutan Photo Adventures tour, a 14-day trip, tourists are taken into a number of the most historically critical and beautiful monasteries in the country. Glimpse the fortress of the white bird, otherwise known as Jakar Dzong, and attend the Thangbi Mani festival.

Later, you can visit the Buddhist Stupa known as the Chendebji Choeten in Punakha. This fortress was constructed in the 1900s by religious visionary Lama Shida. Explore the description of the Bhutan Photo Adventure package in detail to read more about the peculiarities of Lama Shida’s Stupa construction.

No monastery tour of Bhutan would be complete without a trek to the Taktshang Monastery, in the West known as “Tiger’s Nest,” in Paro. This destination is incredibly sacred to the Bhutanese people, and it is situated amidst some of the most splendid natural settings anywhere in the Himalayas. Paying homage to Bhutan’s monasteries is an experience that transcends cultural boundaries and leaves a far more lasting impression than the typical travel destinations. Best time to experience one of the monasteries is to visit during one of Bhutan’s festivals (Festival Dates, and Festival Tours in Bhutan). Plan your Bhutan tour now as hotel accommodations are limited.

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