Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India

Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, IndiaExperience one of India’s most fascinating festivals, the annual Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Every year, thousands of Rajasthani village converge in this picturesque town to buy and sell camels and other cattle. They come for the entertaining camel-races and local circuses. Crowds of village folk also browse the local markets for camel saddles, textiles, glass bangles, and silver jewelry. They wash away the day’s fatigue at the Pushkar Lake (considered sacred by Hindus). Beyond the bustle of the market is the sweeping expanse of desert, dotted with thousands of camping families. All around, there is a riot of color and throng of warm, joyous faces. Tented Camps are erected during the Pushkar Fair as the town does not have enough hotels to accommodate the large number of tourists who visit the festival.


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