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Papua New Guinea: Fear Eats the Soul, Faith Restores It

Papua New Guinea is one of the most exotic places in the world, full of tribes and languages and the artifacts of ancient culture, many of which only came to the light of the rest of the world less than one hundred years ago. Unfortunately, unlike many other exotic countries- such as Ethiopia or Kampuchea or Bolivia- PNG has a ...

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Return to Thailand before foray into South Pacific

SOUTH PACIFIC 11/27/2010- 1/25/2011 This trip is my first foray into the vast South Pacific – including Australia and New Zealand – an area that covers about a third of the earth’s surface, though with populations amongst the world’s sparsest. Paradoxically this is probably the first area to be settled once modern humans finally got the hell out of Africa, ...

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Sunday in Bogota’s La Candelaria

We arranged through the hotel , The Charleston, for a half day city tour and when the guide came to pick us up early in the morning, we complained that the day was beginning damp and cold, not realizing at the time how precious a little cold could be. Our immediate destination was La Candelaria, the historic district centering around ...

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Traveling in Colombia, South America

Travel to Colombia

In January 1992, Donald and I met on a tour to Vietnam and Cambodia and since then we have united our passion for travel and with our passports continually stuffed with additional pages, we have been traveling together ever since. Beginning in 2001, Donald and I have been spending January and February in Cambodia where Donald, an ultralight pilot, has ...

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Travels in Egypt: Conclusion

Travel in Egypt Conclusion from our tour experience

RANDOM THOUGHTS TOURING Depending on whose figures you use, approximately twelve million people visit Egypt each year. From all parts of Europe, they are rounded up and packaged into inexpensive tours and arrive in plane loads or ship loads to be repackaged into bus loads and deposited at the tourist sites. Wherever Donald and I went, we had the feeling ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – A Visit to Lawrence Durrell’s House

Villa Ambron 19 Sharia Maamoun In 1941, Lawrence Durrell was living in Greece with his wife and daughter. When Greece fell to the invading Nazis, they, along with other British nationals, were evacuated to Egypt. At first, he was dissatisfied with his new situation. He had been forced to leave his beloved Corfu and his marriage, soon to be over, ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – Part 3

eliyahu hanavi SYNAGOGUE

FIRST A VISIT TO THE FISH MARKET We toured in Alexandria for two full days, time enough to cover all the important sites and to contemplate what was no longer there. Before we began the official tour, I wanted another slice of daily life and suggested a visit to their wholesale fish market. Since the days of the Pharaohs, the ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – Part 2

Several days after returning from the White Desert, we left Cairo, destination Alexandria, where we were scheduled to spend three nights at the Cecil, hotel of choice during the Colonial period. The distance between the two cities is 140 miles. In 1856, the British linked Cairo and Alexandria with a rail line and in 1925, they began the Alex to ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – Part 1

alexandria trip in egypt

THE ANCIENT WORLD WAS CALLING My interest in history and art history brought me to Alexandria. The city, established in 331B.C., by Alexander the Great, is one of the oldest extant cities in the world. Alexander personally picked out the site and together with his “urban planner”, they laid out the grid plan, much of which is still in place ...

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Travels in Egypt: The Night in the Alley – Epilogue

The following is an e-mail from a friend. Small world story. Dear Alexandra: I read with a bit of deja vu your account of your trip to Al-Ghouri, named after the mosque there. Marsha and I went there for the Dervish show, which we did see, but arrived very early. There we met Ahmed who took us to the “pizza” ...

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