Most Beautiful Romantic Destination For Honeymoon in India

Astonishing Backwaters of Kerala

India is 7th largest country of the world, So Does India have any honeymoon destinations? Yes, this country has plenty of beautiful romantic getaways crafted by nature itself. Not just domestic couples, but foreign couples also come here to celebrate honeymoon. Get prepared to create the amazing memory of your relationship life that you will treasure forever. Explore the list of top honeymoon destinations in India.

Best Honeymoon Places to Visit in Winter

In Northern India winter is normally very cold. So nature provides the warm and cozy place like Southern India, which is known for its exotic beaches, forests, natural canals and agriculture. Here is a list of places known for romantic winter getaways in India:


Exotic Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is also known as God’s Own Country. It is the paradise for honeymooners. The backwaters in Kerala is a 1500 km unique net of lakes, rivers and canals. You can hire a houseboat and take pleasure in your honeymoon in customary Kerala style. Ashtamudi Lake is the most beautiful and visited backwaters in the region. It is located in the Kollam district. Ashtamudi Lake is known for its vast expanse of water and natural beauty. It is also very rich in biodiversity and home to the several endangered marine species. And if you like to spend your honeymoon on ground then Munroe Island is the Place to go. It offers many resorts and hotels to the tourists. The best time to visit the backwaters is from October to May. In the end it is the calm, Peace and beauty which makes this place a perfect destination for honeymoon.

Best time to visit:  October to April 

                Location:  Southern India

                 Climate :  Cool and Moderately Humid

Astonishing Backwaters of Kerala

Goa – The Two Adjacent Worlds

Goa is a name which is known globally for its beautiful beaches. Goa is the top honeymoon destination in India. Couples from various parts of the world come here to enjoy their honeymoon. Goa offers scenic views, pristine beaches, warm weather and water sports at very low cost. South Goa and both North Goa offers many beaches to the tourist but north Goa’s Anjuna beach is most famous of all. Also you should go to the beautiful colonial Portuguese forts, they were built by Portuguese during their ruling of Goa. Beaches are very safe and romantic which makes it another perfect place for your romantic beach honeymoon.

Best time to visit:  October to May

                Location: South-Western India

                 Climate :  Cool and Comfortable

Goa Exotic beaches for perfect Honeymoon

Ooty – The Hill Station of Tamil Nadu

Ooty is in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular hill station in south India. It promises romantic honeymoon with various attractions in the city such as the Rose Garden, Dodabetta peak, Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Pine forest, Mudumalai National Tiger Reserve, Emerald lake, Avalanche lake. The Place is 80 km from Coimbatore and well connected by road and rail from Coimbatore. Ooty offers tourist generally pleasant cool climate throughout the year. Ooty gives the magnificent view and feel of the Nilgiris at an height of almost 7300 feet. Tea plantation and Cotton plantation are must watch for every tourist. Cool climate, adjacent lakes and green forest are perfect blend for a Romantic Getaway.

Best time to visit:  Throughout the Year

                Location:  Southern India

                 Climate :  Cold and Dry  

Ooty hill resort - A romantic getaway

Coorg – ‘Scotland of India’ in Karnataka

Kodagu also known as Coorg is located in South India, it is a charming little town also called “Scotland of India”. The refreshing smell of Sandalwood forests, coffee plantation, orange orchards and acres of greenery are ideally suitable for a great honeymoon. Cloud capped hills landscapes in western ghats of Coorg is a perfect romantic getaway destination. Outdoors activities such as trekking, white river rafting and tent camping are famous in the region. It has many outstanding resorts and Forest huts for the couples.

Best time to visit:  October to May

                Location:  Southern India

                 Climate :  Cool and Rainy

Scotland of India - Coorg also knowns as Kodagu

Lakshadweep Islands – Caribbean of India

Lakshadweep, the smallest union region of India has the most uninhabited and exotic beaches. Located at some 200 km from the coast of Kerala in Indian Ocean, this place have some spectacular beaches, Coral reefs and islands. Often regarding as Caribbean of India Lakshadweep gives tourist a taste of what Caribbean looks like. The beaches are of white sands and bluish-green tinge. To intensify your honeymoon experience, you should book one of the cozy beach cottages. Scuba diving, Wind surfing, Surfing, Kayaking, Water surfing, Yachting, Fishing are some popular activities among Tourists. To go their you should get a permission from custom clear office from Kochi. It is totally a mind blowing place to go on your honeymoon.

Best time to visit:  November to April

                Location:  South-Western India 200 km from the coast of Kerala

                 Climate :  Cool and Dry

Lakshadweep Island - A Not so popular but amazingly beautiful place.

Best Honeymoon Places to Visit in Summer

In India summer is normally hot and humid across the country. So tourist head to the high Himalayas. North India specially states like Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh flooded with the tourists, but not all places in the mountain made for love. Check out the best places for romance:

Nainital – The Lake Town of Uttarakhand

Settled around the green Naini Lake, Nainital is the favourite hill resort for couples. Situated in Uttarakhand state of north India some 250 km from National capital city of Delhi. This place is on foothills of the greater Himalayas, But it doesn’t mean it is less scenic. The place offers a beautiful vast view of the snow capped high himalayas including the 7800 mtrs high Naina Peak, which is the highest mountain peak completely within the India. Naini lake is 2 sq. km in circumference, and couples can enjoy the boat ride in the lake. The climate of the Nainital remains cool and foggy most of the time in a year, however it does receive Monsoon rain from July to September and snow from December to February.  It has attractive lakes, boat rides, beautiful scenery, and pleasant weather.

Best time to visit:  April to November

                Location: Northern India

                 Climate :  Cool to Very Cold and Dry

Nainital - The lake district of India

Shimla – The Queen of Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the center of attraction for all honeymooners. It is called The Queen of Hill Station. The gorgeous hill place is an ideal place to try to beat the heat. Shimla center is peaceful, quiet and full of natural scenery. Moreover it has many nearby places which makes it more popular among tourists, places such as Forest reserve, Mashobra, Hot Water Spring and Kufri are the most visited places around Shimla. At an height of Height of 7200 ft. in lower Himalayas it receives annual snowfall during winter from December to February. And finally The Mall, this names makes it popular among the honeymooners. This Ridge road is for walkers only and couples enjoy every bit of their evening they spend here.

Best time to visit:  March to October

                Location:  Northern India

                 Climate :  Cold to Freezing Cold and Very Dry

Shimla in Winter

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