Caribbean – The Best Holiday Destination in The World

Shoal Bay of Anguilla

The Caribbean Sea is famous all over the world for the spectacular islands and beaches it houses. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, and for good reasons. The Tropical climate, mouth watering cuisines, Palm trees and spectacular view makes the Caribbean – the Best Holiday Destination in The World.

Here below is a list of Best Caribbean Islands: 

1. Anguilla

Anguilla is famous for its bright white sandy beaches. It is a small island and overseas British territory. It is known as the perfect holiday home to many tourists across the globe, which is the main source of its economy. Its beaches have over 30 different sandy strands and The Shoal Bay East is the most popular beach among visitors, as is the Rendezvous Bay. Some of its beaches are breeding land for many turtle species. One can witness this at Captain and Limestone Bay and Meads Bay. All types of accommodation is available here, ranging from cheap hotels to ultra luxury resorts.

Shoal Bay of Anguilla

2. British Virgin Islands

It is an another British overseas territory just east of the US Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands are also called BVIs. BVIs are very popular among travelers, sailors and fishermen. Nature is the best tourist attraction here, but if you want to do more you can do scuba diving, fishing, sailing, surfing and wind surfing. There are beaches that are splendid for hiking, sunbathing, eating, partying, etc. There are a ton of options on the British Isles. Accommodation here is not so cheap so plan according to it.


3. Cayman Islands

The Grand Cayman island of the Cayman Islands is home to the exceptional Seven Mile Beach among a host of other similarly spectacular shores. The Cayman Islands offer visitors the chance to experience the very best of the Caribbean. The Amazing coral reefs and clear water makes it the diver’s heaven. The majority of the hotels and resorts are in Seven Mile Beach strip on Grand Cayman Island.

Ariel view of Cayman Islands Coral Reef

4. Turks and Caicos Islands

It consist total of 40 islands and Grand turk and Providenciales are the two main island of TCI. On Grace Bay of Providenciales( the Caicos), you get a vast array of ways to spend your day on this beautiful and entertaining beach. The sand, the water, the reef… everything about it screams “exotic”. The restaurants are sure to tickle your fancy. Governor’s Beach and Pillory Beach are other options. Accommodation here is varying from cheap to luxury.

Turks and Caicos Islands

5. US Virgin Islands

The best thing about the US Virgin Islands is somewhere along the famous shores of St Thomas. The word “beautiful” doesn’t begin to describe this place. There are multitudes of tourists here, so if you are one for quieter scenery, try the Trunk Bay at St. John. There are many monuments and historic sites on US Virgin Isles like Buck Island Reef National Monument, Coral Reef National Monument, Virgin Islands National Park, Christiansted National Historic Site and they are worth a visit.

Virgin Island National Park

6. St. Barthélemy

St. Barthélemy is also known as Saint Barth. It is small volcanic Island. St. Barth is an Overseas Territory of France. The island considered as the most beautiful and Popular destination in the Caribbean. Nearly 200,000 travelers visits St. Barth every year. The St. Bart’s beaches are the best for Sunbathing. There are around 14 beaches in St. Bart’s and they are all full of white sands and have public access at zero cost. And for Water sports lover’s St. Bart is Heaven. But Accommodation and Food here is not so pocket friendly.

Eden Rock - St. Barthélemy

7. St. Martin – St. Maarten

Two names are for the Two main parts of Islands which is divided by The Netherlands and France. The name itself says it all. This is somewhere you will not need to pack too much; maybe just some sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. If you are so inclined, Ravishing Bay (among others) offers the nude-beach experience you always wanted to try. Friar’s Bay gives you the opportunity to experience the amazing bonfire. These are just a few of the things you can do at St. Martin – St. Maarten.

St. Martin - St. Maarten Grand Case

8. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines consists of a total of 32 amazing islands. When you search for the best beaches of the Caribbean, this place is sure to come up. To give you an idea of how spectacular it is, go watch Pirates of the Caribbean again. Visiting the islands, though, will cost you considerably more than a DVD. However, it is a price worth paying if you want to experience the very best of the Caribbean.

Palm Islands St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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