Information on guided motorcycle tours in Himalayas India.


Motorcycle ride is one of the most exhilarating experiences and any enthusiast and outdoor personality will attest to that. When going out for motorcycle adventures, a challenge is all one seeks. The Himalayan Ladakh regions have been the focus of most motorcycle tours packages Indian companies arrange. This is because the area provides all the challenges needed to make a bike ride interesting and engaging. Going to such rides alone can be very risky or just inconvenient. There are a number of factors such as weather and altitude aspects that need the guidance of a seasoned package organizer.

Guided Motorcycle Tour package

Characteristics of Ladakh tours

The Ladakh region is known for many sayings that are related to its terrain and landscapes. The high mountains and altitudes above 13,000 feet, dusty and rocky landscapes attract one major activity which is adventure motorcycling. Most parts of the roads are on high altitudes and the weather changes can be unpredictable in such areas. It is therefore important to engage tour package organizers who can guarantee a successful expedition. There are many roads and the packages involve different routes all crossing various attractions. The 3 lake package exposes riders to highlights of the beautiful lakes of the Himalayan region and ancient Buddhist kingdom in Ladakh. The roads run through altitudes above 4,500 meters and the tour can last up to 14 days. These motorcycle tour packages India adventure organizers arrange cross the world’s highest passes including Kardung La, Tanglang La and Chang La among many others. The roads are well constructed to fit motorbike excursions and aid quick drainage in case of poor weather conditions like flood. The tours are inclusive of food and accommodation that may include camping for a while. It is important to make arrangements with an insurance company as a precaution in case of any accident in these rugged terrains. A health checkup may also be necessary to establish your tolerance to such heights without any complication. These measures are very vital as they ensure no distractions or worries arise during the tour.

What to look for when choosing package

There are many companies offering motorcycle tour packages in India. Although experience is very important when choosing any given company, you should ensure the bikes are at optimum working conditions. The company should offer well maintained bikes with good condition tires and engines to avoid mechanical breakdowns. As usual, there should be at least one professional mechanic to take care of any arising breakdown. Ladakh tours are some of the best motorbike excursions any enthusiast will be thrilled to embark on and also crosses some aesthetic vicinity. We booked through the Extreme Tours India. You can found them at Their team was very friendly and give the memorable experience. their 7 crew members very always available their to support us in all manners.

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