Ladakh House Style in Little Tibet of India

Ladakh house style in Nubra

House in Suru Valley, Ladakh

Ladakh is known as the Little Tibet. It is a cultural satellite of Tibet that is part of India and is in fact one of India’s most remote regions. Located in extreme northwestern corner of India, it lies in the rain shadow of the High Himalaya. Receiving only fraction of monsoonal rains but found in elevations that average 12,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level the landscape is desolate, a high altitude desert.

Suru Valley, Ladakh architecture

ladakh-adobe-brickLadakh, making adobe brick

Ceiling in a Ladakh houseThe Ladhaki culture has well adapted to its harsh climate and the house design reflects the environment. In general the house design resembles that of Tibet proper. The houses have slightly inclined walls, almost fortress-style in character, and are built of adobe brick. Roof is flat and serves as storage for fodder and firewood. Roof joists or the horizontal timbers that run across between the tops of the walls, characteristically left exposed on the inside, support the roof deck that’s paved with adobe brick and rammed earth.

Ladakh, village houses around a Buddhist monastery

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