India Adventure Tours – Are You Sure You’re Ready?

Adventure Tours India

When it comes on planning a trip to India, there are a multitude of different options available, each one more suited to a particular type of traveler than another. There are rail trips that practically circumnavigate the country, there are classical tours and then there are India adventure tours. Considering the cost and time that you’ll invest in your trip to India, it makes sense to invest the required research and soul-searching before you book your vacation. Nothing can ruin a wonderful vacation to an incredible country than signing up for a tour that’s not the right fit for your particular “travel personality.”

Adventure Tours India

How Adventurous Are You – Really?

Since Facebook hit the stage, it seems like there’s even more pressure to book the perfect trip or tour. After all, we’ve all got to beat the photos our old junior high classmate posted last Summer. Sometimes it seems like when we begin planning our next vacation, we’re planning one for someone more daring or glamorous than we actually are.

There are different levels of adventure. For one person, simple hopping on a train and cruising all over an exotic nation is an adventure in and of itself. For another, they’d prefer to camp out as they sail along the Ganges.

Some travel sites will provide details on the level of physical strength or stamina required. Pay attention to these details. If you rarely even hit a treadmill, you might not want to book something rated a five-out-of-five in difficulty. On the other hand, if you’re a personal trainer that sweats for a living and you’re looking for adventure, a one-out-of-five star rating might leave you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied.

When in doubt, take the time out to call and speak to a live representative who can help provide you with a more in-depth explanation. Forums, message boards and other similar sites are another way to obtain first hand reviews and recollections of tours like the one you’re considering.

Learn More About the Local Area

You can plan the perfect adventure tour in all of the places in India you’re just dying to fall in love with, but if you book your tour or vacation for the wrong time of year, adventures can quickly morph into something else entirely.

Part of being adventurous is getting out there and braving the elements and doing things bold and unexpected. It doesn’t, however, require abandoning common sense and skirting into dangerous territory or conditions.

That’s one of the reasons that tours and guides are such an essential part of any true adventure vacation. Having someone who is a local expert can eliminate a host of dangerous decisions and mistakes that do-it-yourself getaways are notorious for.

Once you know exactly what type of adventure you’re looking for, contact us so that we can pair you with a representative who’ll help you make it happen!

Top Adventure Tours in India

Ladakh – Paradise on earth – great place to see.

Kamshet in Maharashtra Paragliding Paradise

Andaman Island and Lakshadweep  for Scuba dive and underwater gaming

There are many other places as per your interest. But if you want to go with extreme adventure covering most of the places the best tour we can recommend you is the Ladakh MotorCycle tour.

Best Adventure tour – Leh Ladakh Motorcycle tour

If you really like to enjoy the different kind of scenes and beauty of nature we prefer to go for a Leh Ladakh Motorcycle tour. This covers lots of adventure activities and this is one of the best Himalayan adventure tour route You have to drive on the highest motor able pass in the world. Your exact journey will start from Manali.

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