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There is nowhere in Eastern Europe that defies preconception like Romania. Despite suffering from the poor image, the country has an outstanding and efficient train system, a surprisingly beautiful landscape, ethnic diversified rural communities and their traditions that sometimes look a little changed since the Middle Ages. The Romania ancestry can be traced back to the Romans. Despite the fact that they have the Balkan traits, Romanians like to stress their Latin roots too. They perceive their future to be firmly within Euro-Atlantic family. They were charmed to join NATO, and later in 2007, European Union.

What you expect to see and do in Romania

There are no. of things to do in Romania as well as to see. Here are some best interest for the travelers.

Botanic Gardens of Romania

There are several massive botanical gardens that have an observation tower, green rolling hills, a Japanese garden as well as a rose garden. You will see these when you wander through the Botanic gardens of Alexandru Borzoi. Experience a cultural immersion in a place called Maramures. This favorite medieval region of Romania is famous in the whole world. Peasant culture is still flourishing. They have a fascinating mixture of indigenous music, wooden structure that is handmade, multicolored textiles to experience. It is like retracing time back to olden golden days.


Hiking in Romania

If you like, you can hike at Tampa Mountains, which towers above Brasov. This mountain is riddled with interesting history dating back to pre historic time. Apart from checking out the view from the top by easily hopping on a car cable, you can as well explore with defensive fortress. It has become a darling to many people both local and foreigners, who like to visit and go hiking at the Brasov sign.

Tampa _mountain_Barsov

When you visit the Danube Delta, you will be amazed to see not only the second largest delta in Europe but also the best preserved delta in the world. This delta also flows for over 1700 miles from its source. Here, hiking is surreal and there is also a great deal of wildlife to look at. You can go fishing or bird watching as well.



Beautiful Cities of Romania

You will find it appealing to explore Bucharest. The city has many centuries of architecture. There is a really magnificent exhibition of new and old. There are a good number of architectural sights, museums, shopping centers, historical sites as well as cemeteries to visit here. You will get the opportunity to see wildlife at the Northern Dobrogea. Here, you will encounter tons of exotic birds as well as wildlife to watch. At the same time you will still have a small part of the city to keep you from being entirely secluded.

There are also numerous upright entertainment spots and restaurant to select from, including opera houses and theaters.


The city of Sibiu which is the no doubt the most beautiful city of Romania voted as the European capital of culture in 2007. The main tourist area in the city’s upper town is defined by three public squares. The largest of these, Piaţa Mare, features the beautiful neo-Renaissance City Hall and the city’s Catholic Church.

Beautiful_city_of _Sibiu_Romania

For hunting activities, the best place is in Sighisoara. It is famous for Dracula hunting. It was founded in the early 12th century. This town boasts for not only being one of the most adored towns in the world but also the best preserved medieval towns in Europe at large. Being a world heritage site, there are ornate churches, a mass of towers and a burger houses through the cobbled streets. This is also where Vlad Tepes, commonly known as Dracula was born.


You can also visit Peles Castle found in Sinaia is not far away from Brasov. This castle was built from 1873 to 1914 to serve as a gateway spot of monarch. The building is decorated lavishly and symbolizes the luxurious lives enjoyed by these rulers. To visit the ground floor of the castle, you will part with $6 USD. As you tour the additional floors, the charges increases.

The best place to set up a base is at Baia Mare. This will give you an opportunity to see a bunch of traditional villages. It is also very simple to get access to many famous valleys from here among them being,Cosau, Mara, Viseu and Iza, all these are riddled with fascinating villages.


Tour a salt mine in Salina Turda. It has been converted into subterranean museum. The mine which was used heavily during the Middle Ages date back to centuries. The museum’s layout is done neatly and looks almost futuristic. This is worth a visit.


Festivals and Fairs of Romania

You can also grab the opportunity to experience shopping at traditional crafts fair. This huge exercise is normally held every year In June in Bucharest. People of all walks of life across Romania come not only to sell their wares but also to demonstrate. You can expect to see woodcarvings, pottery molding, rug and textile weaving, egg painting, glass blowing and embroidery.

Celebrate Hora de la Prislop, a festival celebration held yearly in the month of August brings together Maramures, Transylvania and Moldova. Famously known as Dance at Prislop, one can almost certainly guess that there are a lot of beautiful costumes, traditional singing and dancing, awesome feasting as well as parading.

Hora_de_la_ Prislop_Romania

Traditional Food of Romania

Romania  has had influence from both invaders and neighbors where its traditional cuisine is concerned. Romania’s traditional food sees touches of Turkish, Hungarian, Austrian, and other cuisines, but over the years, these dishes have become just as traditional as the oldest Romanian traditional foods.

Mostly Romanian traditional foods are rich in meat. Popular dishes are Cabbage Rolls, Muschi Poiana, Sausages and stews. stews is like tocanita.  You can also taste Fish Dishes of Romania like salty and grilled carp Saramura.


Climate of Romania

Climate of Romania is continental. Which means summer are very warm ranging between 28 to 35 degree Celsius. And winters are very dry and cold ranging between 3 to -20 degree. Almost whole Romania become white in winter due to heavy snowfall.

So pack your backpack, book your tickets and travel to beautiful Country of Romania.

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