Bicycle Tours Vienna to Prague

Bicycling Southern Moravia, Czech Republic The Czech Greenways bicycle tour follows the Greenways route, studded in imposing castles, picturesque villages and scenic hills and woods. You”ll ride past baroque churches, fertile vineyards, an exquisitely tended gardens, and medieval strongholds gone to ruin. You”ll admire the natural beauty of Central Europe – watch a stork nest in centuries old oak, listen to the call of a cuckoo… Much of what you”ll see and experience you can”t see from a car, so get out there on a bike and enjoy one of Central Europe”s ancient trails. On this cycling trip you can set out on your own or with a group. You can do the fully guided tour with a fixed itinerary and a schedule, or you can spend as much time as you want at historic places and enjoy the countryside without having to go along with a group and follow the route as a self-guided bicycle tour. For more go to Bicycle Tours Vienna to Prague, Bicycle Vacations in Central Europe, Bicycle Tours & Cycling Vacations in Czech Republic.

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