Bhutan Trekking

Bhutan peopleWhether it is your passion to get a glimpse of the honey guides which flutter over Zhemgang Bhutan, or you want to conquer high elevation mountain passes, such as the Thrumshingla Pass (which rises 3,750 meters above sea level), you can count on the services of Footloose Bhutan to take you there in style and comfort.  Trekking Bhutan involves more than just getting a tourist visa and paying a royalty tax to the Bhutanese government.  It requires understanding the logistics of the tourism bureaucracy and knowing how and when to participate in cultural activities.
While other specialty Bhutan adventure companies or travel agencies rely on untested vendors and guides, the operators at Footloose Bhutan draw upon 30-plus years of experience in the travel industry.  All guides and custom-tailored itineraries are screened, and customer testimonials are available upon request.  If you have questions about prices, vacation timing, kinds of treks available, click here – Bhutan trekking and treks to chose from in Bhutan.
According to conventional thinking about Bhutanese trekking, the best times to fly to the country are during the fall and spring.  While it is true that if you head to Bhutan in early March, you will potentially catch a glimpse of awesome crane migrations, any time of year is great for adventuring in Bhutan.

The winter months offer deep snows and unbelievable, unrivaled vistas of the Himalayan Mountains.  The summers provide drenching rain but also rich, lushly forested scenery.  Moreover, when you go during the winter and summer months, you will not be as likely to bump into other western tourists, and you will get an insider’s perspective on the country and the landscape.

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