Know the culture of Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a wonderful place to travel with its capital Prague being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here are couple brief notes about the culture of Czech Republic to be aware of before visiting the country.

Lifestyle at Czech Republic:

Czechs are quite conservative by nature with family being the top priority. Traditional Czech families have the father working and the mother tending to the household work, though as in United States two incomes are not becoming a novelty. The traditionalism can be attributed to the long history of struggles that they have been subjected to, but the Czechs really do know how to save, reuse and harvest. The work and play relationship is also quite balanced when compared to other western countries. The Czechs love their times of leisure and take complete advantage of time away from work. There are good parks and amusement centers all around the country but most Czech families have at least a weekend cottage to get away to, or a second home in the countryside, and on weekends Prague and other major cities will be literally empty as  most people love to spend time away from their primary residence.

An interesting fact about Czech Republic is that it has the highest consumption of beer in the world, though Belgium and Germany rival some of those statistics. Citizens of the nation drink beer almost like water and Prague has hundreds of pubs and places to have a drink. Along with drinking dining out is also a common activity in Prague where many social gatherings are held in restaurants but also around the table at home.

Outdoor activities from gardening to cross-country skiing are very popular among the people of Czech Republic. They love their share of adventures indeed and most people do partake in some sort of sport, not only as enthusiasts but also as fans.

Other culture and customs:

Religion does not hold a very significant position in Czech Republic as too many people don’t attend churches in spite of a number of them in Prague and elsewhere. This is the result of a long bout of communism in the nation.

Czechs love and cherish their values and morality and like well-behaved people. In regard to this, a social greeting is a very important custom. Children are taught from an early age to greet new people when they meet them. Amongst the Czech values also comes giving up your seat in a subway to an elderly person or a child. Another interesting custom that Czechs have is to take their shoes off when they are visiting someone else’s house. Fact is it does have benefits, people do not need to clean as often.

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