London for Less


Whether you’re a London veteran or looking to visit for the first time, the most visited city in the world is far from being known as the cheapest. However, if you know when, where and how to visit, you can then enjoy this leading global city without going home with a lighter wallet.

Here are the top things that you can do to keep your London visit down in price, and hopefully leave you with more money to enjoy more of what London has to offer.

And if you want to explore the city for more than a day, check out various different cheap London hotels to keep costs down in that area too.

The London Pass

London’s smart card is a little steep to buy initially, however, depending on what you plan to visit; this card could save you a small fortune. You can buy a pass for 1 to 6 days, and each day will cost £70 per adult and £40 per child.

This may seem pretty pricey, but when you discover that it will grant you access to over 55 of London’s attractions, each with hefty entry prices, you can then see the potential savings.

These passes count days based on calendar days and not the time you decide to use them, therefore if you use your pass at say 5pm on a Saturday, then Saturday is counted as your day, so get a good head start on the day to make full use of the pass.

Artist’s point of view

London is home to a number of impressive museums, including places such as the Tate Modern, the V&A and the British Museum. And for people interested in seeing some rare Picasso artwork, then head to the Gagosian Gallery in Kings Cross. As impressive as these museums are, the best thing is that none of them will ask for a penny.

A picnic in London

Eating out in London can either be quite expensive or of reasonable value, depending on where you visit, but you’ll be bound to wherever it is you choose. Why not enjoy the sites of London from one of its many free parks with a picnic? As long as the weather stays kind, you’ll also be able to save yourself a bit of cash along the way.

Alexandra Park is the perfect northern stop, with great views of the city and with easy access to the award winning Alexandra Palace Farmers’ market; here you can pick up almost anything for your picnic.

Changing of the Guard

If you happen to be visiting on certain days, then it’s worth seeing the ceremonial display of the changing of the guard. This military tradition of the Queen’s Guards changing takes place on specific days at 11:30am. It is the best time to visit Buckingham Palace, as it takes place in the forecourt.

Street entertainment

You’ve probably walked through many cities and found people displaying their talents for your entertainment. The same can be said for London, however the West Piazza of the Covent Garden Market is London’s home to the street performer, here you’ll find many licensed performers looking to entertain you every afternoon.

There are usually some very talented people who come here and often have masses of crowds enjoying their shows. Each performer has had to pass an audition to display their talents here, and they are free for you to enjoy.

The Mayor’s Thames Festival

By far the best free event London has to offer is the Mayor’s Thames Festival. From the 11-12th of September every year, the festival offers many performances, an architectural walk along the foreshore with the weekend closing the festival with an impressive fireworks display. 2010 also saw St. Katherine’s Dock being the host of many vintage boats.

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