Update on the Political and Travel Situation in Honduras

On June 28th President Zelaya was expelled from the country by the Honduran military, backed by the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court. Congress President, Roberto Micheletti, has been sworn in as the interim President. Military personnel have been deployed on the streets of Teg ucigalpa, and a temporary curfew is currently in place running from 10:00pm – 5:00am, though this may change at short notice. Demonstrations continue to occur throughout the country, and have been accompanied by sporadic incidents of violence and roadblocks.

The US government issued a Travel Alert on June 29th, recommending that American citizens defer all non-essential travel to Honduras until further notice.

The British government is not advising against travel to Honduras, but is advising all British nationals in Honduras to exercise extreme caution, to stay away from large gatherings and places of public protest.

Roatan, La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula Airports remain open and flights are operating normally. Tegucigalp

a’s Toncontin Airport is closed for 48 hours effective today Monday, July 6th. Those travelers with flights scheduled with American Airlines may wish to call (504) 216-4800 (Honduras) or 1-800-433-7300 (United States). Those traveling with Delta Airlines may wish to call 1-800-791-9000 (United States and Central America) or (504) 550-1616 (San Pedro Sula). Those with flights scheduled with Continental Airlines may wish to call (504) 220-0999 (Tegucigalpa), (504) 557-4141 (San Pedro Sula), or 1-800-231-0856 (United States). Taca Airlines and its affiliates have cancelled domestic flights for the past week for reasons unrelated to the political unrest.

Our contacts in Honduras assure us that all tourist services in destinations outside Tegucigalpa continue to operate normally and remain unaffected by the political situation. The borders remain open.

At this time our partners have not taken the decision to cancel tour services in Honduras, but are leaving the decision to each traveler.

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