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Tourism in Atacama – Must Visit Places in Atacama Desert

Valle de La Luna - Valley of Moon in Atacama Desert in Chile

Atacama desert is known to be the second driest place in the world after Antarctica. But still it attracts thousands of travellers all over the world. Here tourist can see ruins of one of the oldest civilization, active volcanoes, lunar & mars landscapes, abandoned mine town etc. Coming from the plains of Chile or from the other part of the ...

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Top 10 Unusual Tourist Places of Bangkok, Thailand

Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran

Bangkok is a city with full of traditions. It has a lot of places that are beautifully strange and strangely beautiful. Bangkok is a crazy place where Buddhist culture and 21st-century technologies are in perfect alignment. Still it has some weird, crazy and spooky places which would make you stop, stare, scare and click. These places are not like landscapes ...

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8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya - Rock Fortress

Going by Sri Lanka’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites is an ordeal made a great deal more uncommon by the relative absence of sightseers contrasted with other South Asian nations. And from Kandy and Nuwara Eliya to Anuradhapura and Galle Fort, no visit to Sri Lanka is finished without seeing these historical places of Sri Lanka. Not many People know that ...

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Journey through Egypt’s Western Desert

Tour of Western Desert of Egypt is a fascinating journey through remote oasis, namely Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga Oasis, the Great Sand Sea or Ramla El Kebir, and Gilf Kebir, a moonscape-like plateau of striking mountain ridges, crater-like formations and rock sculptures. Beyond Bahariya Oasis begins vast Black Desert that turns into surreal environment of the White Desert ...

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