Luxury Travel Tours

MSN Travel had a piece on todays 10 travel trends you can’t ignore. It mentioned vacations that focus on rental jets, luxury yachts, travel without the kids but also pointed out one unexpected development in the travel world which shows that in spite of the boom of Internet travel sites and many people trying to be their own travel agents using the resources of the Internet, the upper end, luxury travel seeking consumers are returning to the old-fashioned way of planning trips which has to do with using skilled travel planners, the people that truly know. This trend only shows that when it comes to planning your trip wanting more than the usual supermarket of travel offers, click here, click there, ready to purchase endless packages do not meet expectations of the more sophisticated travelers. When it comes to travel to the likes of India, Bhutan, or China, whether esoteric destinations or not, fact it that getting something more rewarding than “It’s Tuesday, Must Be Rome,” the old cliche pegged to the American style of travel, to venture beyond the ordinary can only be achieved with travel on an exclusive FIT tour. FIT tours to China, tailor-made travel in India or trekking, festival or bicycle tours in Bhutan require more than just to look up few references in some kind of brochure or a guidebook. FIT tour, or Foreign Independent Travel tour, is a tailor-made tour where the cooperation between FIT suppliers and the experienced tour operator putting it all together is the key, and that few if any laymen travelers succeed to perfect no matter how hard they try in order to save a few dollars.

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