Yunnan Shangri La, China Travel

If you’re searching for the mythical Himalayan Shangri La, akin to what James Hilton described in his novel Lost Paradise, you have to journey up to Zhongdian in northern Yunnan, at the crossroads leading to Sichuan and Tibet. But Zhongdian’s Tibetan-style old town and local market is only part of the highlights of Yunnan. Before you reach Zhongdian you’ll be mesmerized by Dali, the capital of ancient Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms, and home of the Bai minority group. Next you’ll marvel at the breathtaking Lijiang, the home of the Naxi ethnic minority and splendid culture, with their unique traditions, architecture and clothing. China Yunnan tour through exotic southern landscapes of China, Lijiang and Mythical Shangri-La of Zhongdian should not be missed!

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