Why choose an all inclusive holiday to Egypt?

When you think of all inclusive deals, your mind might automatically spring images of pretty generic holidays in Europe. If it does, it”s time to change your thinking, since these days all inclusive hotels come in all varieties – from budget to luxury – in destinations across the world. When it comes to the ultimate place for an all inclusive break, I think Egypt has got to be pretty high up the list; here”s why.

Experience Egypt for less

Egypt isn”t always the cheapest destination to visit, and I think this where all inclusive deals here really come into their own. No matter where you”re visiting, hotels that provide this kind of package are generally considered the friendlier option to those of us trying to stick to a budget, since things like meals and drinks are included in the overall price.

In Egypt, where dining out and activities can quickly mount up into quite an expense, staying in a  can help make sure your spending stays within your means. Plus, it just gives

you less to think about overall, which means packages like this are also great for relaxing, luxurious breaks too.


Travel to Egypt and you can enjoy up to 11 hours of sunshine a day – if that isn”t a reason to visit, I”m not sure what is! Sun seekers really will be in their element here, especially when staying in coastal resorts like El Gouna in Hurghuda.

This destination on the Red Sea Riviera is well known as a

favourite among keen sun seekers, and it”s also got a reputation for its great all inclusive deals. Another bonus is that the accommodation here is really varied, so you”ll be able to choose between smaller, quieter lodgings and larger luxury hotels on the beach.

Excellent diving

Another top reason to pick an all inclusive holiday in Egypt is if you”re a fan of scuba diving – or you”re keen to learn. Destinations on the Red Sea, like Sharm el Sheikh, are a real haven for keen divers and beginners alike, since they offer the chance to see incredible marine life in balmy, clear waters.

If you do decide to go to Sharm el Sheikh to dive, make sure you hit Ras Mohammed National Park, its number one diving spot. There are also plenty of other water sports you can try in Sharm el Sheikh, such as windsurfing, so there”s ample scope for trying something new.

History & culture

Of course, Egypt”s fascinating history is world-famous, so it”s pretty likely you”ll be keen to discover at least a little of the country”s past and culture while you”re here, even if this isn”t the main focus of your break. One of the best places to head to is Luxor, which is perched on the east bank of the river Nile.

One of the oldest and best-known resorts in Egypt, it is a real haven for culture vultures, since it”s where you”ll find sites like the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens and the Luxor temple complexes. Add in the fact that there are luxury hotels and spas aplenty, as well as a local golf course, and it”s not hard to work out why this resort in particular is such a popular holiday destination.

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