What facilities can you expect in a French chateau?

For a really chic getaway, there is nowhere quite like France. I”m sure you”re more than aware of the country”s fabulous food and drink, not to mention its artistic heritage, but if you want a truly amazing break, you need to consider the type of accommodation you stay in. This is where, I think, it is worth staying in a chateau, especially if there is a sizeable group of you going away.

As you”ve probably guessed from its name, a chateau is a stately home that radiates class and sophistication and provides plenty of space for large parties. Seeking this holiday accommodation will provide room for groups of ten and more, with some even capable of housing 18 tourists. With this is mind, I think you should find they offer more than enough space for family getaways or breaks with large groups of friends. So, what facilities can you expect when having a French holiday in a chateau? Read on to learn more.

Plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms

As obvious as it might sound, if you”re going away in a large group, you”re sure to want to have plenty of room for all members of your party to relax in comfort and have privacy when they need it.

Rather than booking a number of rooms at a hotel you might find staying in a chateau provides you with all the space you require. Of course, you”ll want to pick somewhere that has a sufficient number of bedrooms, but it”s also worth thinking about how many bathrooms are on hand. Choose somewhere that comes with plenty of en-suites, as well as separate WCs, and you ought to be able to avoid having to join a queue to access the bathroom in the morning.

Fabulous cooking facilities

If you”ve been on holidays as part of a large group in the past, you”re probably aware of the problems that can come when trying to get a table at a restaurant, especially if you don”t book in advance or want to eat an exclusive eatery.

Stay in a chateau and you don”t have to worry about travelling far to enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by an expert chef, as you can book accommodation that comes with its own onsite cook.

In doing so, someone else can prepare your meals (not to mention buy all the ingredients required to make them) so you don”t have to. This is perfect if you or anyone in your group has any specific dietary requirements or you just want to taste authentic French cuisine made by a local.

Excellent entertainment options

You”re, of course, going to want to take things easy during your break and you can easily enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean sun when staying in a French chateau. That doesn”t necessarily mean, however, that you will want to do nothing but relax on your break. Many chateaux feature an expansive array of leisure facilities, including swimming pools, bowling greens and tennis courts, so you needn”t go far if you want to keep active.

Most chateaux are set within their own private grounds, so kids should find there is plenty of space for them to run about and play safely. Other properties, meanwhile, contains an animal pen where little ones will be able to visit chickens and ducks. Here, children can pet and feed these farmyard creatures, so you can keep them occupied for the duration of your break.

If you”re thinking of staying in a French chateau what particular facilities do you want from your accommodation? Leave a comment and let us know!

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