Visit Dorset’s Christchurch for a relaxing break

Being able to enjoy a getaway is a luxury many of us don”t often have. So when we do have some time free, we try to ensure our destination of choice has everything we want to see and do. If this is the case, look no further than Christchurch in Dorset for the ideal location.

This town is situated on the southern coast of England, which means you can take in beautiful views of the coastline, visit picturesque villages and enjoy the best things about a seaside break in the UK. To help you plan your stay in a Dorset holiday cottage, we”ve put together a few things you could get up to in Christchurch.

Take a boat trip in Christchurch Harbour

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is take a boat trip (if there”s a sea or river nearby to enable me to do this, of course). If you”re the same, you could take to the water in Christchurch Harbour.

This ancient marina was actually formed 7,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age when sea levels rose. Many people choose to go boating here, and if you”re lucky enough to have your own boat, you could bring your vessel to the coast and do the same.

This will be perfect on a warm summer”s day when you can sit on your boat and enjoy the sunshine as you take in the beautiful scenery of the harbour.

Go back in time at Christchurch Castle

No trip is complete without the obligatory heritage visit, and in this area of Dorset, the place you should head to is Christchurch Castle. Now, don”t expect to see a huge building in front of you, as this castle was constructed in the 11th century and has weathered a lot of unfortunate events since then.

During its lifetime, it has survived through periods of anarchy in the 12th century and civil war in 1645. So, if you love learning about history, you”ll be fascinated to hear about the interesting things that have happened here.

You”ll also find out about the castle”s origins, such as the fact it was built to protect the town and has the oldest Norman chimney in Britain. I bet you didn”t know that before!

See local art in the Place Mill

It doesn”t really matter whether you know a lot about art or not when you head to the Place Mill. This gallery is uniquely set in an antique watermill, but more on that in a minute.

The mill has several pieces from resident artist Cherie Wheatcroft, so you can see a variety of exceptional works around the centre from her. Some of you may be familiar with the artist, as she has held exhibitions at other galleries around the country over the years.

But here”s a bit more on the history of the watermill. This Anglo-Saxon construction is situated in Christchurch Quay and was only forced to close in 1908 due to structural issues. This means it survived a series of destructive events throughout the years, including the dissolution of monasteries in the area in 1538.

It has now been restored and is a great place to learn more about traditional watermills, industry in the area and the history of the local community. There are also historical memorabilia and some ruins that are housed in the building, so it is well worth checking these out.

And as the watermill is only a few minutes” walk from the town centre, you have no excuse not to.

Have you been to Christchurch? Let us know what you got up to.

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