Update on recent earthquake in Costa Rica

Following is a summary on the last Wednesday earthquake as provided by the National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica and the Costa Rica Tourism Board.

1. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6 degrees on the Richter scale near Playa Samara and Sardinal on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

2. Both Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport and San Jose International Airport are reporting normal operations as well as normal flight arrivals and departures.

3. The chambers of tourism of the country and the regional offices of the ICT are reporting normal tourism operations. There has been no impairment to tourists.

4. A report from geologists and personnel from the CNE verified that the earthquake did not have an impact on road infrastructure, except for minor damage to some roads.

5. All the country”s national parks are open and operating normally.

6. There are still some aftershocks but they had been imperceptible with the exception of a small quake that Guanacaste felt last Saturday. The experts note that this behavior is a standard release of energy associated with tectonic plates activity in the after-mass of the quake and it is causing no damage.

7. The CNE explained that the red alert is to facilitate coordination of all institutions and part of the strict seismic code of the country, aimed to minimize the impact of this earthquake.

The National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica continues to conduct surveillance and monitoring efforts in different parts of the country. Similarly, the ICT continues to coordinate with the regional chambers of tourism, the National Chamber of Tourism, the Costa Rica Association of Tour Operators and the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels, as well as the National Emergency Commission, and all reports confirm that the tourism industry is operating normally throughout the country.

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