Top places for families to visit in Paris

If you”re looking for a fun-filled family holiday, Paris is one city that you, your partner and the kids are bound to love. The French capital is a relatively short distance from the UK, making it convenient to access if you want to spend a few days soaking up the sights and sounds of the continent.

Once you arrive, getting from your Paris hotel to the multitude of attractions is relatively easy, thanks – in part – to the comprehensive public transport system. With the city containing tourist landmarks appealing to all interests and age groups, you”ll never be short of wonderful places to visit with your family, although the following are among the best.

Eiffel Tower

Probably the most famous attraction in Paris – if not the entire country – the Eiffel Tower is sure to enthral kids and grownups alike. You”re probably already familiar with the building – it has featured in countless films and TV shows for decades – and at 324 m tall, it”s something that”ll be hard to miss.

Spend a few minutes gazing up at the structure from the ground to get a true appreciation of its size, although if you want the full experience you”re bound to want to go up one of the three observation platforms. The highest of these is 276 m above the ground and it”ll give you and your family the chance to take in some very impressive views of the city below.

Although the sight of the Eiffel Tower is pretty astounding during the day, it”s also worth visiting the attraction in the evening, as each night it is illuminated by 20,000 bulbs to create a wonderful light display.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Of course, Paris has plenty of other famous buildings besides the Eiffel Tower, among them the amazing Notre Dame Cathedral. A stunning example of gothic architecture, the cathedral sits at the heart of Paris”s historical centre and is famous for its two bell towers and intricately-carved gargoyles.

The building inspired Victor Hugo”s classic novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which has been adapted into numerous films, TV shows and even musicals over the years. Take your children here and they are sure to enjoy re-enacting the adventures of Esmeralda and Quasimodo, the titular character in the story.

Disneyland Paris

Disney”s 1996 animated version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is probably the one kids are most familiar with and if you take them to Disneyland Paris they might even get to see Quasimodo himself! Of course, there are plenty of other characters to meet – including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto – and exciting rides situated across five theme parks. Head to Frontierland to experience the thrill of a runaway mine train on Big Thunder Mountain, while Sleeping Beauty”s castle can be seen at Fantasyland.

Jardin d”Acclimatation

With Paris containing more than 400 parks and gardens, there are plenty of open spaces where you and your family can stretch your legs and breathe in fresh air. Jardin d”Acclimatation is just one of these public reserves and offers a range of attractions suitable for people of all ages.

Here, little ones can go on pony rides, as well as take workshops in gardening, cooking and other fun activities, while parents are sure to be fascinated by visiting the beehives to find out how honey is made. The park also encompasses a small farm, where creatures such as rabbits, goats and swans can all be seen.

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