The Incredible Devaraja Market in Mysore


Flower seller at  Devaraja Market

Over one hundred years old, an institution in Mysore, the Devaraja Market is a single storey structure accommodating reputedly some 700 vendors. You will find fruit and vegetable sellers as well as incense and glass bangle stalls. Tikka powder merchants offer the most ravishing displays of colors. But the most amazing feast for both the eyes and the nose are created by the flower dealers. Sold in bulk or strung as garlands, you walk past counters with heaps of flower tops and petals. In between, beneath or above sit rows of garland stringers whose work is much in demand during festivals, temple rituals and family celebrations, as every Hindu uses garlands as offering when visiting temples and to decorate and bestow blessings during weddings. To watch the commotion is a sensory overload of the most stimulating kind.
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