The Delhi Shopping Guide

Delhi Haat - handicrafts and cultural Market In New Delhi

New Delhi is much more than just the capital city of India. A commercial hub, this city is home to people from all across the world. With history that can be traced back to many centuries, Delhi has a number of stories and treasures hidden up its sleeve. Despite all else, Delhi shopping is an experience in itself. Within close proximity to most hotels in Delhi are a few shopping experiences that must not be missed.

Chandni Chowk

A market to suit every need and pocket, Chandni Chowk is probably amongst the most visited markets in India. Famous for its varied offerings in textiles, semi-precious jewels, electronics, and books, Chandni Chowk is sure to capture your imagination and at the same time be easy on your pocket!

Dilli Haat

A market with a unique character, this one is an attempt to recreate the ambiance of a weekly village fair. Hence, it is known as ‘Haat’. Small thatched roofs with colourful bindings make for an unforgettable sight; traditional handicrafts, spices and handlooms will steal your heart, and good food will keep your taste buds just as entertained and happy.

Delhi Haat - handicrafts and cultural Market In New Delhi

Khan Market

A posh shopping area, Khan Market comprises of a U-shaped complex that is studded with the best boutiques in Delhi. Lifestyle, clothing, books, and wellness stores are exquisitely decorated and make for a visual delight. Popular amongst travellers and locals, the market has a loyal clientele that even enjoys relaxing in the best of lounges and restaurants.

Khan Market New Delhi

Janpath and Tibetan Market

With something for everyone, the Janpath and Tibetan Market represent local charm and aura. With almost everything from India and Tibet available, you can buy mementos, gifts and other local handicrafts for a good price, if you bargain well enough. The market has been recently renovated to give itself an upgraded and inviting look!


The city’s best bargains can be found here at the Paharganj Main Market in Delhi. From clothes to books and incense sticks to hookah pipes, this market has it all. It is also home to several budget hotels in the city and is known to for its products that are often exported to different corners of the world.

Lajpat Nagar

One of the oldest markets in India, Lajpat Nagar is a perpetually busy market that offers a good look at traditional Indian artefacts and products. Road-side stalls and abrupt showrooms make for a wonderful shopping experience. However, the most exciting part of this market are the mehndi artists who make exquisite henna for a reasonable price.

Sunder Nagar

A sophisticated and artistic market, this one is perfect for the art lovers. With antiques and paintings set in an upscale locality, you are sure to travel into an alternative world of perception and beauty. Quaint tea stalls along the way make for a perfect evening.

Palika Bazaar Market

The Palika Bazaar Market is an underground shopping arena in the heart of Connaught Place. With almost 400 stores, it makes for a comprehensive shopping experience in sheer comfort and ease. However, bargaining is a necessity in this complex.


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