The best things about Cancun

Cancun isn”t one of the most popular resorts in Mexico for no reason – it”s got a host of things to offer holidaymakers of all ages and interests. Here are just a few of the attractions I think make it really stand out from the crowd.

Historical sites

One of the things I love most about travelling abroad is being able to learn a bit about other cultures and societies. Cancun is perfect if you”ve got an interest in Mexico”s past as you won”t need to go far to find examples of this ancient civilisation. In the centre of the city itself is El Castillo – or The Castle – which is an impressive pyramid featuring many carved fans, a symbol of its commercial importance in years gone by.

In an area known as El Rey, just outside the city in its hotel district, are several other Mayan structures that stand side-by-side with the more modern buildings that have sprung up along the coast. This is a great place for a seaside stroll, allowing you to admire the natural beauty of the beach and the various historical monuments.

Exciting water sports

If you”ve booked an all inclusive Cancun holiday, the package will probably give you access to a range of activities – including numerous water sports. The coast here is renowned as a diving destination, as it is on one of the largest coral reefs in the world – the Great Mesoamerican Reef – that stretches for 450 km. In addition to the natural splendour of the corals and creatures that live underwater, you can also visit a series of sculptures created by British artist Jason Decaires Taylor, who used PH-neutral stone to make his pieces and thereby encourage coral growth on them.

If you”re not quite ready to take the plunge, you”ll still be able to see a lot by going snorkelling, as there are large areas of shallow reef, while the statues haven”t been positioned particularly deep to enable snorkelers to enjoy them as well as divers. Kayaking, sailing, deep-sea fishing and surfing are just a few of your other options.

Vibrant nightlife

Once the sun sets, Cancun comes alive, so if you”re hoping to enjoy a memorable night out with your friends you won”t be disappointed. Numerous bars line the streets, nightclubs play tunes well into the small hours and live music venues host everything from jazz and rock bands to salsa and merengue performers.

If jazz is your thing, head to the Roots Jazz Club in Tulipanes, while Azucar Caribbean Bar is the place to go if you”re looking for some live Latin music. For the ultimate clubbing experience, spend a night at The City. The club regularly hosts international DJs and musicians, as well as putting on acrobatic shows and light displays. There are also plenty of quiet bars and excellent restaurants if you”re looking for something a little more peaceful.

Unrivalled luxury and relaxation

Whether you spend your time in Cancun partying, topping up your tan, sightseeing or trying every activity under the sun, you”ll want to set aside at least one day for some rest and relaxation. With over 30 spa resorts dotted around Cancun, you certainly won”t struggle to find somewhere to unwind in total luxury. Thalassotherapy, which uses sea water, marine algae and marine mud in its treatments, is one of your options, while Mayan massages that make use of practices from this ancient culture are also available.

Cancun definitely has a lot to offer but if your are seeking a peaceful place where to retire in Central America.

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