Santa Catalina, Panama – Surfer’s Paradise


Surfer's Paradise, Santa Catalina, PanamaSurfer's Paradise, Santa Catalina, Panama

If you’re planning to visit Coiba Island, Panama’s largest island and premiere national park, a home of astounding marine life that includes some two dozen species of dolphin, humpback whales as well as variety of species of crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes and scarlet mecaws, you will likely come to Santa Catalina to hire a boat to get there. While there is an assortment of oceanside surf hotels to choose from in Santa Catalina, a place that stands out among them all is “Surfer’s Paradise Camp.”  The hotel, guest house or camp, pick what you wish to call it, it’s not for its architecture that this place will remain in your memory. What is lacks in amenities is easily made up by the hospitality of its Brazilian owner and proprietor, Italo, and the million dollar view one can have from the deck while swinging in a hammock and the ambiance that goes with it. Of course, the surfing here, and that’s THE wave right up there in the view, is on the surfer’s world map, but that’s another story…

To arrange your trip to Santa Catalina, Surfer’s Paradise or Coiba Island, whether you wish to surf, scuba or roam this pristine corner of Panama, click here!

Surfer's Paradise, Santa Catalina, PanamaSurfer's Paradise, Santa Catalina, Panama

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    Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.”‘;

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