Private Guide in India, Nepal, and China

Well the Olympics are over and the athletes already gone. The locals are a bit melancholic I notice. But the cars and construction will be back and the pollution too. Time to be out. Enough teaching hospitality.

So I’m back to guiding. Leaving from here in Beijing shortly. Permits should be fine by then to take the train to Lhasa in Tibet by October and then go on by the greatest mountains of the world overland to Nepal.

Kathmandu is always fascination and a total contrast to the power house Tiger economies. But with its antiquity and quaintness there comes friendliness too. If there is interest I would be happy to do the Everest trek. Wonderful scenery, a chance to get fit meanwhile with pretty much all the amenities these days. If not I will do a variation of the quieter Lang Tang valley trek. That would be in the clearest but quieter season of the year, November.

December continues to India. I have lived in the subcontinent 6 years and know all the best spots. Keeping out of the big cities for the most part will find unique and indescribable places of the culture, coupled with that of the British empires legacy which are etched into society.

The west coast of India is a blue sea paradise come January. 2,000 miles of coastline, easy in its best season where every day is guaranteed perfect. And there are so many spots to choose, none overcrowded, with endless seafood and coconut dishes. The blue sea is the perfect temperature to stay hours.

More of India follows in February depending on the choice of clients. I would like to visit some mid mountain areas myself, but anywhere is fine. There are so many great hidden spots.

March will see me in Thailand  for a look around. A very easy place to get by, but when someone knows the inside can be even a richer experience.

April I am already booked to cruise south China. Much more agreeable than the north, and will continue on in China as clients wish.

I would like to fit in Indonesia later in the year.

So if any of the above fits your holidays, feel free to give it a try.

The suggested itinerary above fits with ideal climatic times. I know the places and the languages so it is easy for me to find truly unique experiences. See you sometime along the way.  SJ.

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