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Bhutan Travel

Thanks to the Bhutanese government's restrictive travel policies, it can be difficult to book tours and venture to the far-flung sights and festivals of this magical country. Fortunately, Footloose Bhutan offers a number of exceptional…

Bhutan Trekking

Whether it is your passion to get a glimpse of the honey guides which flutter over Zhemgang Bhutan, or you want to conquer high elevation mountain passes, such as the Thrumshingla Pass (which rises 3,750 meters above sea level), you can…

Himalaya Trekking and Inner Peace

If you are seeking inner peace, consider joining a special meditation trek in the Nepal Himalayas. This is really a different trek, a new way of exploring the most fascinating areas of Sherpa Land in the shadow of Mount Everest. The trek…
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