Haridwar Bathing Ghats

No matter how much time one spends in India or how many times one returns, India never ceases to amaze. Witnessing events such Khumb Mella is the most astonishing experience but visiting any major pilgrimage destination always promises one will be captivated by the spectacle. Visiting Haridwar bathing ghats where Ganges descends from the Himalaya, whether it may be your first time or tenth time, is truly one of those unforgettable slices of India that completely fascinates, even if the happening at the ghat is just another day occurrence. Pilgrims from all over India come to worship, bath in the holy Ganga and make offering to the river. Whether asking for forgiveness, for a blessing, fulfilling one’s life long dream to come worship on the shores of Ganga, or just simply making the trip to do what all good Hindus should at least once in a lifetime, the performances of the pilgrims, some with utmost serious faces, some with humor, dipping in the ice-cold waters of the Ganges, in prayer or in repose, mesmerize. A day spent at the Haridwar ghat is always an awe-inspiring as well as entertaining experience, for on one hand you can’t but admire the compelling spiritual determination of the pilgrims and on the other the ease with which they mingle in utmost peace and genuine openness among each other.

Add visit to Haridwar to your north India tour itinerary.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTt02UjFABk]

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