Escape to Napa

If you have ever planned to visit San Francisco and dreamed of travel along the stunning coastline from San Francisco Bay north to Eureka to experience the stunning rocky cliffs and spectacular views of the Pacific, see the Muir Woods National Monument, stop at the scenic Jenner, visit the former Russian Fort Ross, the legendary Mendocino and the Avenue of the Giants, but wondered where would be best to stay, the answer is Napa.

Using Napa as your base is not only convenient for day trips to San Francisco, Napa Valley is also warmer than the often cold and foggy city. Above that Napa offers easy access to laid back Sonoma Valley all the way to the wineries of Garberville north of Napa Valley itself.

With over three hundred wineries and a railroad to visit many of them Napa never disappoints. Ease of travel by road, quick escape to quiet and romantic corners of the valley and regions surrounding it makes Napa an ideal place where to stay.

With millions visiting every year lodging options in Napa are numerous but for a great and quiet location and the finest in amenities, few can rival Vino Bello Resort. Being on the southern end of Napa, it makes it easy to jump on a highway and drive to Sonoma, connect to San Francisco, zip up the Valley to Calistoga or elsewhere up north or the coastal Highway One.

Vino Bello offers one and two bedroom condo units as well as studios. The Tuscan style of architecture fits perfectly into the wine country. The bedroom units come with a large living area and a fully equipped kitchen. From marble countertops to 27-inch plasma screen TVs, a jetted tub, washer-dryer and furnished patio or balcony, your comfort is assured. From designer silverware and wine glasses to quality bedding, wall art and ambiance lighting, Vino Bello exudes luxury. Above all the price of luxury is made affordable ever more so if you plan your trip for the lean months when prices are very affordable. Here is a chart of the rates and applicable discounts based on your possible travel dates.

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