China’s Urban Explosion, Tranquil Guizhou Villages

With the Beijing Olympics only months away, a massive wave of protests is sweeping the country over government landgrabs (, January 2008). As hyperurbanization is fueling China’s land disputes, that much more one can appreciate a visit to China’s pastoral villages. Although the Olympic Games are certainly China’s drawing card in the coming summer, one should …

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Bhutan Myths, Travel and Tours

What is the best time to travel to Bhutan? While many guidebooks will recommend making your reservations for the fall or spring months, more and more “in the know” Bhutanese travelers prefer to travel during the wet summer or the cold winter months. These exotic vacationers reason that during the off season, fewer western tourists …

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Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India

Experience one of India’s most fascinating festivals, the annual Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Every year, thousands of Rajasthani village converge in this picturesque town to buy and sell camels and other cattle. They come for the entertaining camel-races and local circuses. Crowds of village folk also browse the local markets for camel saddles, textiles, glass …

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