Weekend Getaways Near London City

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bath

Finding time to have a weekend getaway in a busy city lifestyle like London is hard but an enjoyable and relaxing way to unwind and reconnect with family and friends after a week of hustle and bustle. There are some breathtaking Weekend Getaways Near London that are quite comforting, scenic and fairly charged according to clients` services of choice. By ...

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Bicycle rides in Southern Bohemia: Daytrip through northern Austria

Southern Bohemia offers scores of wonderful cycling trips. Cesky Krumlov, one of highlights on the Vienna to Prague Greenway route, is also a great spots where to base yourself and spend a few days riding in different directions. In order to include short rides into northern Austria it’s however best to make your base further south from Cesky Krumlov. Ideal ...

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Bicycle Vacations in Italy, Switzerland and France

If you love bicycling and Italy, taking a cycling vacation in Tuscany or Sardinia is a must. Prefer high mountains, how about Switzerland and riding the Alps? If you love France, bicycle around Provence and climb Mount Ventoux, the Giant of Provence! Whatever your decision you will find that any one of these trips will be a perfect combination of ...

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Bicycle the Wine Trails between Prague and Vienna

If you are a wine lover and admire beautiful landscape and history, than this trail is the right one for you! On this journey, you will cycle through the most famous wine regions of Austria and the Czech Republic, where the wine making tradition runs for almost two thousand years. You’ll have an opportunity to sample the lives of local ...

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Bicycle Tours Vienna to Prague

The Czech Greenways bicycle tour follows the Greenways route, studded in imposing castles, picturesque villages and scenic hills and woods. You”ll ride past baroque churches, fertile vineyards, an exquisitely tended gardens, and medieval strongholds gone to ruin. You”ll admire the natural beauty of Central Europe – watch a stork nest in centuries old oak, listen to the call of a ...

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