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Top reasons to visit Koh Samui

For a long time a bit of a hippy haunt, Koh Samui has developed over the last two decades to attract a more eclectic audience. Pretty much everyone from backpackers to luxury travellers adores this island – which is the third largest in Thailand and you can get an idea of the best reasons to visit below. Hopefully, they”ll help you ...

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Kumbh Mela 2010 at Haridwar, India

Known as the largest religious gathering of mankind, the Kumbh Mela refers to a great gathering of Hindu pilgrims at auspicious locations. It takes place four times every twelve years, thus every three years, and rotates among four locations. The most auspicious of these is Allahabad, known as the Prayag, the legendary confluence of the mighty Ganga, its tributary Yamuna ...

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Punakha Dromchoe festival of Bhutan

After a beautiful drive through the terraced landscape, river valleys, traditional Bhutanese architecture and chortens (domed monument) we reach Simtokha Dzong, the oldest Dzong in Bhutan (built in 1629). From here, the road winds through pine forests and small villages, and passes by more chortens and prayer flags before heading up to Dochula Pass (10,000′), the first of four passes ...

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Yunnan Music – Bai Temple Festival, Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan Travel, China

bai temple erahi lake

Wondering the narrow alleyways of Erhai lakeside villages near Dali in Yunnan Province of southwestern China one can get lucky and stumble upon a genuine Bai village temple fest. Tourists who prefer to keep to Dali guidebooks most recommended sites seldom visit the smallest of these villages. Yet it is here at a typical village temple that a village folk ...

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Karsha Festival in Remote Zanskar, the Little Tibet of India

With the current lockdown of Tibet and the unlikely chance that even if Tibet reopens once again, tourists will not be allowed to roam about as was possible more than a year ago. It well may be that Ladakh, referred to as the Little Tibet, the most remote outpost of India and a cultural satellite of Tibet, will likely lure ...

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Crackdown in Tibetan-populated Areas and Lithang Festival

Canceled in 2008 because of protests and calls for Tibetan independence the previous year, the annual Lithang horse-racing festival may not happen once again this year if the situation in Tibet and much of the Tibetan-populated areas will turn for the worse in coming days. Tensions have been reported as high ahead of the 50th anniversary on March 10 of ...

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Panama Celebrates Independence Day

affiliate marketing Panama was settled by the Spanish in the 16th century and it was not until 1819 that Panama declared its independence from Spain. It then joined Simon Bolivar’s Republic of Gran Colombia, a federation made up of Venezuela, New Granada and Ecuador, that dissolved some eleven years later when subsequently Panama became a province of New Granada, later ...

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Trongsa Tshechu Festival, Bhutan

Trongsa festival promises to become the event to visit in Bhutan namely on account of the spectacular location of the Trongsa Dzong. Both, the Trongsa Dzong and township command one of the most spectacular sites in Bhutan, and the Yanghill Resort , where we will lodge, besides being one of best hotel facilities in Bhutan, possess possibly the most striking ...

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Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India

Experience one of India’s most fascinating festivals, the annual Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. Every year, thousands of Rajasthani village converge in this picturesque town to buy and sell camels and other cattle. They come for the entertaining camel-races and local circuses. Crowds of village folk also browse the local markets for camel saddles, textiles, glass bangles, and silver jewelry. They ...

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