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Tour the Remote Sichuan, China Travel

Panads of Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan, ChinaVenturing to China’s west, to Chengdu and Sichuan Province is usually either to transit to Tibet or to see the pandas at the Wolong Nature Reserve. But there is far more to see around Chengdu – one can venture out to Leshan, Mt. Emei and Dazu, but that is only the beginning to all the possibilities that include visiting nature reserves, remote lakes and mountains. Great itineraries to undertake are from Chengdu to Yunnan via Litang, Daocheng to Zhongdian, trips to Huanglong National Park, Moxi and Hailuogou National Park, Jiuzhaigou Reserve, hiking Balang and Hulu Hai, Rhinoceros, Potted, Grass & Mirror Lakes, hiking Mt. Gongga, Buchu La, Yulongxi La, and through Yilong Chu Valley. Become a seasoned China traveler, learn more about tours and itineraries through the remote Sichuan Province of China.

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