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Bicycle Vacations in Italy, Switzerland and France

If you love bicycling and Italy, taking a cycling vacation in Tuscany or Sardinia is a must. Prefer high mountains, how about Switzerland and riding the Alps? If you love France, bicycle around Provence and climb Mount Ventoux, the Giant of Provence! Whatever your decision you will find that any one of these trips will be a perfect combination of ...

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What about Bali?

Yes indeed, if a dream tells about an island with all-year-round idyllic climate, dramatic scenery, deep and varied culture, and an oasis of quiet beauty, then Bali, a Hindu island within Muslim Indonesian archipelago, has it all. A place where religion is the source of traditional customs in everyday life, Bali and the Balinese are extremely devout and no day ...

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Moai – Mystery of Easter Island

Easter Island is perhaps among the most out of the way islands in the world but over 1000 years ago a canoe paddled by people of a distant land arrived there. As the desolate Easter Island suddenly became a landing spot, an amazing civilization grew all alone there in the hundreds of years that followed. For a yet unknown reason, ...

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Cruise Chile, Galapagos, Peru & Ecuador – Cruising the South Pacific Ocean

This easy-paced South American journey stitches together a number of fascinating strands like those of an elaborate alpaca yarn. Colonial cobbles contrast with high-rise city styles as we visit three capitals, and blend these with some of the most remote beaches and bays in the Pacific. Headlining your holiday is our stay in the Galapagos. Cruising the South Pacific Ocean ...

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