Images of China: Grand Buddha of Leshan


Being some 210 feet tall, the Grand Buddha of Leshan is the hailed as the biggest Buddha in the world. Starting in AD 713 it took nearly 100 years to carve out of the cliff face at the confluence of Dadu and Min rivers in a town of Leshan in Sichan Province, western China. Many people opt to view the giant Buddha from a sightseeing boat cruise sailing from a pier near downtown but descending the steep series of stairways adjacent to the carving you can truly appreciate its impressive size. You start from just above Buddha”s head and finish at his feet at the riverbank, then look back up his imposing mass at awe. Visit the Grand Buddha of Leshan as part of a Yunnan tour package, a cultural adventure itinerary starting from Chengdu. Buddha of LeshanBuddha of LeshanLeshan

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