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Best Places to See and Top Things to Do in Cusco City Peru

Sacsayhuaman Park Peru

Across the Cusco Region, traditional or even the old ways aren’t simply overlooked. Vibrant colored national costumes give a link with the past, just like nature festivities and native festivals having a hint of agnostic custom blend using the serious Catholic fiestas. Virtually as vibrant may be the impressive landscape from the Cusco Region that tilts in the Andean mountain ...

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Tourism in Atacama – Must Visit Places in Atacama Desert

Valle de La Luna - Valley of Moon in Atacama Desert in Chile

Atacama desert is known to be the second driest place in the world after Antarctica. But still it attracts thousands of travellers all over the world. Here tourist can see ruins of one of the oldest civilization, active volcanoes, lunar & mars landscapes, abandoned mine town etc. Coming from the plains of Chile or from the other part of the ...

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Update on recent earthquake in Costa Rica

Following is a summary on the last Wednesday earthquake as provided by the National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica and the Costa Rica Tourism Board. 1. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6 degrees on the Richter scale near Playa Samara and Sardinal on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 2. Both Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport and San ...

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Splendid Argentina

Next time you are searching for a place where to spend your vacation, consider visiting the splendid Argentina. There are number of sights to see in Argentina that will make your trip a long treasured journey. But even if you will undertake this trip on your own, it may not be your cheapest vacation you have ever taken, nor it ...

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Rio de Janeiro – the history of Carnival

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the biggest carnival in the world with almost five million people attending in 2011. Since  1723 the carnival has been put on 46 days before Easter to prepare for Lent. People flock to the city to join in the street celebrations and watch the incredible costumes, dancing and floats go by. Accommodation for Rio ...

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Colombia Travel: Castillo De San Filipe, Cartagena

Construction on this fort was started after Sir Francis Drake”s attack on the city in 1586. It began as a small fortification and after 150 years of construction, with the help of slave labor and a Dutch engineer, it eventually became the largest Spanish fort built in the Americas. Seen from below, it looks like a massive pile of stones ...

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Travels in Colombia: Salento

SALENTO AN INTRODUCTION With Carlos Alberto behind the wheel urging his KIA onward, negotiating the mountainous roads as if he was Juan Pablo Montoya, the famous Colombian Formula One driver, we reached Salento in considerably less than the usual one hour driving time from the Valle del Cocora. Salento was established in 1850, making it one of the oldest towns ...

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Travels in Colombia: Valle del Cocora

To reach our next destination, the Valle del Cocora, we headed back into the mountains. When the road was not following the contours of the mountains, it was going up, over and down, crossing from one valley to the next. Lush tropical vegetation grew in profusion, enveloping us in a symphony of green. Lacy tree ferns lined the road while ...

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Travels in Colombia: Willys in the Coffee Zone

From the beginning, when there were only paths, coffee beans and other agriculture products were brought to market on the backs of mules, intelligent, hard working animals, capable of carrying heavy loads while negotiating the rough terrain. In place of roads, cable cars were strung between the mountains but the mule still proved the most durable means of transportation. Along ...

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