Panama Canal Partial and Full Transit Schedule 2015

Panama Canal Transit Schedule 2013

Schedules 2015 Panama Canal Tour Schedules   Availability Dates – Schedules 2015 The most visited tour in Panama. Here are the dates for the year 2015 where ships still have availability. The remaining dates are not listed since they are fully booked and sold. To ensure space on one of the ships we suggest to book as early as possible. Panama Canal Full ...

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Retire in Panama!

Ten years ago Panama was in the forefront of attracting American retirees. Hailed as another Florida in the making, many soon-to-retire Americans looked at Panama as an ideal country in which to retire. With a democratic government and stable economy, solid 30% plus middle class, many members of which were educated in the United States, Panama was an attractive destination ...

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Vista Mar Resort, Where to Retire in Panama

Vista Mar Resort, Panama

Pondering retirement in Panama? Only hour and half from Panama City, along the Pacific Coast, Vista Mar development posses a remarkable site up on a bluff overlooking a beach with grand vistas of the coastline in both directions. The elevated perspective adds to Vista Mar’s grandeur, but it’s not all that makes it stand out among Panama’s Pacific Coast resorts. ...

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Panama Canal Tours – Full and Partial Canal Transit

Partial and Full Panama Canal Transit Tours

The best way to learn about the Panama Canal and its history is through a partial or full canal transit. Partial transit tours depart from Gamboa sailing southbound going through the Gaillard Cut and then transiting Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks. The tour takes from 4 to 5 hours approx. Full Panama Canal transit tours sail northbound transiting Miraflores, Pedro ...

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Pearl Islands to Portobelo, Luxury Panama Cruise

Luxury Cruise through Panama Canal from Pacific to Atlantic, from the Pearl Islands to Portobelo

Sail the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean towards Contadora and the Pearl Islands, where the Discovery will stay the first night before continuing to the Darien. From here navigate towards the Panama Canal and begin sailing in direction of the Caribbean and the cruise destination, the town of Portobelo. Founded by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage to the new continent in 1597, ...

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Ghosts of Manuel Noriega’s House, Decameron Beach, Panama

Manuel Noriega's house, Coronado Beach, Panama

About 500 yards east of the Decameron beach resort is a cluster of beach properties. Nestled among them, overgrown in weeds and coastal scrub jungle sits abandoned Manuel Noriega’s beach house, a vacation home of the former head of Panama’s secret police and a former CIA operative that US later brought to trial and arrested on drug-trafficking charges. It’s said ...

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Santa Catalina, Panama – Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer's Paradise, Santa Catalina, Panama

If you’re planning to visit Coiba Island, Panama’s largest island and premiere national park, a home of astounding marine life that includes some two dozen species of dolphin, humpback whales as well as variety of species of crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes and scarlet mecaws, you will likely come to Santa Catalina to hire a boat to get there. While there is an ...

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Iglesia de Nata, Church of Nata, Cocle Province, Panama

Iglesia de Nata, Church of Nata, Cocle, Panama

Nata is a sleepy town about half an hour from Penonome, Cocle Province capital. It’s main attraction is its church. A classic Spanish colonial church with a fine colonial facade and a remarkable interior. Completed in 1522, it’s one of the oldest in Panama. Its intricately carved altars, namely the altar of the Virgin with sculpted fruit, leaves and serpents, the ...

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Hotel Contadora Resort, Pearl Islands

Hotel Contadora Resort, Pearl Islands, Panama

funghi della pelle come curarli In operation 35 years, Hotel Contadora Resort offers the charms of escaping to the peace and solitude of the Pearl Islands, some hour and half by speed boat (included in rates) from Panama City in the Pacific of Panama Bay. Architecturally timber construction with no shortage of traditional carvings of tropical birds in wood and stone, ...

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Panama Celebrates Independence Day

Panama's Independence Day parade

affiliate marketing Panama was settled by the Spanish in the 16th century and it was not until 1819 that Panama declared its independence from Spain. It then joined Simon Bolivar’s Republic of Gran Colombia, a federation made up of Venezuela, New Granada and Ecuador, that dissolved some eleven years later when subsequently Panama became a province of New Granada, later ...

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