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Best 8 Museums In The World

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Spread worldwide are the museums of distinctive and historic significance. Each museum includes a tale to tell and made to differ. There’s almost nothing that you might not get in an art gallery. Sometimes, we’re amazed to locate things that needs to be lengthy gone resting in certain famous museums. The storyline that we’re told whenever we visit these museums ...

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Major Tourist Attraction Sites in Nîmes, France

JARDINS De La FONTAINE - Gardens of Source in Nimes France

Nîmes is one of the greatest historic centers in the world with scattered Roman monuments all over it. They are actually one of the most preserved monuments in France. This historic center has a warm and charming atmosphere. Here are some of the top rated tourist attractions in Nîmes, France: Major Tourist Attraction in Nîmes ANCIENT ROMAN AMPHITHEATER JARDINS De La ...

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What facilities can you expect in a French chateau?

For a really chic getaway, there is nowhere quite like France. I”m sure you”re more than aware of the country”s fabulous food and drink, not to mention its artistic heritage, but if you want a truly amazing break, you need to consider the type of accommodation you stay in. This is where, I think, it is worth staying in a ...

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Top historic attractions to visit in Guernsey

The Channel Islands are home to a wealth of fascinating attractions, as you”ll discover when you book a Guernsey holiday. It may not be the largest of the archipelago, but its position between France and the UK means it has a unique blend of cultures and influences. This can be seen in its architecture, which ranges from Tudor manors to ...

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Top 5 places to learn something new in Paris

Paris is a city renowned for its culture, architecture, art, science and cuisine, making it a wonderful place to visit if you want to learn about a whole range of fields. You can explore everything from museums to cookery classes during your stay – but where are the top places to discover something new? Here are just a few suggestions ...

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Top places for families to visit in Paris

If you”re looking for a fun-filled family holiday, Paris is one city that you, your partner and the kids are bound to love. The French capital is a relatively short distance from the UK, making it convenient to access if you want to spend a few days soaking up the sights and sounds of the continent. Once you arrive, getting ...

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Visit the historic Cemenelum region of Nice

Without a doubt, Nice is one of the most glamorous destinations in the Mediterranean and although it has all the trappings of a modern city, it has a long, rich history you certainly ought to make the effort to see. Head to the old town district and you can explore the ancient settlement of Cemenelum. Although it is now fully ...

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Best Valentine Celebration Places around the World

eychelles Honeymoon destination

Are you looking to treat your loved one by taking them away on romantic Valentine vacations this year? Going on a romantic sojourn for Valentine Celebration can certainly be a good way to show just how much you care about that special someone in your life and with so many places making fantastic romantic destinations for this kind of break, ...

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Bicycle Vacations in Italy, Switzerland and France

If you love bicycling and Italy, taking a cycling vacation in Tuscany or Sardinia is a must. Prefer high mountains, how about Switzerland and riding the Alps? If you love France, bicycle around Provence and climb Mount Ventoux, the Giant of Provence! Whatever your decision you will find that any one of these trips will be a perfect combination of ...

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