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Top 10 Unusual Tourist Places of Bangkok, Thailand

Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran

Bangkok is a city with full of traditions. It has a lot of places that are beautifully strange and strangely beautiful. Bangkok is a crazy place where Buddhist culture and 21st-century technologies are in perfect alignment. Still it has some weird, crazy and spooky places which would make you stop, stare, scare and click. These places are not like landscapes ...

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Thailand, China, Mongolia, and North Korea: A Simple Plan

By Hardie Karges It really was a simple enough idea: a month-long trip to meet  up with my wife and her family in Thailand for 10-12 days, then continue on solo to Beijing, to use that as a base to explore the surrounding countryside—including Mongolia and North Korea—and the city itself, of course. And it probably would have been simple ...

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Top reasons to visit Koh Samui

For a long time a bit of a hippy haunt, Koh Samui has developed over the last two decades to attract a more eclectic audience. Pretty much everyone from backpackers to luxury travellers adores this island – which is the third largest in Thailand and you can get an idea of the best reasons to visit below. Hopefully, they”ll help you ...

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Ko Tao: A More Relaxing Thai Island

Sairee Beach

From stunning coast line to a generous smattering of tropical islands, Thailand has long been a behemoth contender in the exotic destinations arena. Many a backpacker has plodded their flip flop on a Thai sandy beach, revelling in the best the world can offer in cultural, lively and picturesque travel. It’s brilliant for backpackers from a budgetary angle, allowing you ...

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Return to Thailand before foray into South Pacific

SOUTH PACIFIC 11/27/2010- 1/25/2011 This trip is my first foray into the vast South Pacific – including Australia and New Zealand – an area that covers about a third of the earth’s surface, though with populations amongst the world’s sparsest. Paradoxically this is probably the first area to be settled once modern humans finally got the hell out of Africa, ...

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