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Beautiful Lakes Of Great Himalayas

Tilicho Lake Annapura circuit trek, Nepal

The Great Himalayas of South Asia separates the Tibetan Plateau from Indo-Gangetic Plain. We know that it has the nine out of ten world’s highest peaks, including the top Mount Everest. The High Himalaya is also home to the the hundreds of lakes. Most lakes are at height of less than 16000 ft and very small, but it has some ...

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Visit Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet on the same trip – Kathmandu to Lhasa

      Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Overland tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa offers spectacular crossing of the High Himalayas, up close experience of Mount Everest on the Tibetan side, and a journey through the heart of Tibet. While you do not partake in any trekking, sound health more so than physical fitness are essential on account of dealing with ...

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The way of life and seasons in Nepal Himalaya

The majority of visitors trekking in Nepal head on up to the High Himalaya seeking the high altitude trails such as Annapurna Circuit or Everest base camp trek. But lower Nepal Himalayas, namely the Midlands, present lots of opportunities to experience the way of life of the Nepalese people. In order to choose the best time to travel you should ...

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Going to Kathmandu

The tremendous ethnic diversity and the physical isolation into which the Himalayan topography has separated the different ethnic groups in Nepal are the prime constituents why even today most Nepalese people in the countryside think still about their country primarily in terms of only the region of the Kathmandu Valley. From the earliest times, the history of Nepal amounts to ...

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Cost of hiring a Sherpa for your trek in the Nepal Himalayas

The main trekking season in the Nepal Himalayas is beginning now. October to early December is the main season for trekking in the Sherpa Solu – Khumbu region, the Annapurnas, Langtang Himal, Himalchuli and Manaslu as well as Kanchenjunga. While springtime, May to early June, is an ideal time for ascending Mt. Everest and some of Nepal’s other prominent peaks, ...

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Trekking Nepal – Limbuwan, the Land of the Limbus

This post is a continuation of my earlier posts on other ethnic groups found along the Arun River in Eastern Nepal, namely Rais and Lhomi Tibetans, a great trekking destination that most trekkers to Nepal overlook. The way of life in the Himalaya is determined by the Himalayan topography, altitude, and climate, factors which quite substantially differ from region to ...

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Trekking Eastern Nepal – Himalayan House Style of the Rais

Trekking in Eastern Nepal along the Arun River valley one can admire fascinating changes in house architecture as one progresses from the lower Himalaya toward the elevations where Arun breaches the High Himalaya on its way from Tibet to Nepal.  One of the dominant Ancient Nepalese ethnic groups that populate the Nepal Midlands in this region are the Rais. Generally, the ...

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