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Beautiful Lakes Of Great Himalayas

Tilicho Lake Annapura circuit trek, Nepal

The Great Himalayas of South Asia separates the Tibetan Plateau from Indo-Gangetic Plain. We know that it has the nine out of ten world’s highest peaks, including the top Mount Everest. The High Himalaya is also home to the the hundreds of lakes. Most lakes are at height of less than 16000 ft and very small, but it has some ...

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Information on guided motorcycle tours in Himalayas India.

Motorcycle ride is one of the most exhilarating experiences and any enthusiast and outdoor personality will attest to that. When going out for motorcycle adventures, a challenge is all one seeks. The Himalayan Ladakh regions have been the focus of most motorcycle tour packages India companies arrange. This is because the area provides all the challenges needed to make a ...

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Tips for Motorbike Trip to Great Himalayas in India

Motorbike Tour in Himalayas, India

A motorbike tour to the Himalaya is an invigorating one with problems, worries and difficulties being left behind in the dust with every kilometer you move forward and up the mountain. Destinations such as Ladakh, Khardung-la, Zanskar Valley, Keylong, Rohtang, Nakii-la, Lachung-la, etc. are widely famous among enthusiast of adventure, and they offer real fun for the brave at heart. ...

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Trekking in Ladakh – Part 7

AT THE CAMP SITE At 4:30 I walked over to the house, actually a two story concrete box. An opening had been left for a window, but the glass had not yet shown up and the floor was hard packed dirt. Numgal was sitting on a jute sack surrounded by his kitchen and Dorje was checking on his donkeys. All ...

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Ladakh Story by Alexandra: Trekking in Ladakh – Part 6

I was dressed and ready to go when Numgal knocked on my door at 7:00, bringing me a bowl of hot water and a pot of tea. Room service cannot get much better than this. When I entered the cook tent, Dorje ushered me to my same table. Numgal had prepared fried eggs, complete with toast and jam and had ...

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Ladakh by Alexandra: Trekking in Ladakh – Part 5

ladakh Travel Story - Trekking in Ladakh

When I met with the tour director, I questioned him about Numgal, who had been assigned to be my trekking guide. I was assured he was very experienced and that I would enjoy his company. This was welcomed news but the detail I had not foreseen was the trek would be vegetarian. We would have eggs, but no meat or ...

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Ladakh by Alexandra: Still at Leisure in Leh – Part 4

After lunch, I decided to walk into town. When I opened the metal gate, decorated with the Buddhist eight spoked wheel, (one of the eight auspicious Buddhist signs representing the wheel of law, the dharma, the way to enlightenment announced by Buddha in this first sermon), the villa’s otherwise adorable puppy began barking. I do not know why he took ...

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Ladakh tour story by alexandra – Part 1

Planning for Leh Ladakh Trip

With the smell of curry in the air and the sound of samosas frying, my thoughts have returned to India. Planning for Ladakh trip In early June 2007, I traveled in Ladakh, a mountainous state in northwest India. Even though India is primarily a Hindu country and the last remnants of Buddhism were sent packing by the Mughal (Muslim) invasion ...

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