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Beautiful Lakes Of Great Himalayas

Tilicho Lake Annapura circuit trek, Nepal

The Great Himalayas of South Asia separates the Tibetan Plateau from Indo-Gangetic Plain. We know that it has the nine out of ten world’s highest peaks, including the top Mount Everest. The High Himalaya is also home to the the hundreds of lakes. Most lakes are at height of less than 16000 ft and very small, but it has some ...

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Chengdu and Chongqing: Gateways to Western and Southwestern China

What mega cities of Beijing and Shanghai are to eastern seaboard of China, Chengdu and Chongqing are their counterparts to the west and southwest of China. The sheer size of these cities is mind boggling. Chengdu city limits has a population over 7 million, while its metropolitan area exceeds 14 million. Similarly, urban population of Chongqing ,with its nearly 9 ...

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Amusing commemorative plaques at Fengdu Ghost City on the Yangtze

The key stop on the Yangtze River cruises is at Mt. Minshan to marvel at the legendary Fengdu Ghost City. The name instantly evokes scary images and indeed the legend has it that the temples and statues atop the mountain have been meant to inspire just that, a glimpse into passage the dead must navigate en route to netherworld. Sculptures of ...

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Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge with Children

Though some of the local folks in the villages along the trail have been known to shake the tourists for cash, inventing fees for private trails, viewpoints and selling overpriced drinks, fruit and sweets, they can be largely ignored. If you can keep in your mind that the hike is doable in one and half days, even bringing along a ...

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Images of China: Grand Buddha of Leshan

Being some 210 feet tall, the Grand Buddha of Leshan is the hailed as the biggest Buddha in the world. Starting in AD 713 it took nearly 100 years to carve out of the cliff face at the confluence of Dadu and Min rivers in a town of Leshan in Sichan Province, western China. Many people opt to view the ...

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Thailand, China, Mongolia, and North Korea: A Simple Plan

By Hardie Karges It really was a simple enough idea: a month-long trip to meet  up with my wife and her family in Thailand for 10-12 days, then continue on solo to Beijing, to use that as a base to explore the surrounding countryside—including Mongolia and North Korea—and the city itself, of course. And it probably would have been simple ...

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Did Skiing Originate in China?

Skiing has always been historically linked to Scandinavia, and particularly the country of Norway. Nordic skiing has long been regarded as the earliest type of skiing recognised, and there is lots of historical evidence to back this up. But now this widely held belief is being questioned by the father of Skiing in China, Mr. Shan Zhaojian. Mr. Zhaojian was ...

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Charmed at Songzanlin Monastery, Zhongdian, Yunnan

Travel in Yunnan is always a rewarding experience. Visiting Zhongdian, principally a Tibetan town with a mixture of Han, Bai and Naxi, constitutes a great sample of Tibet if you don’t have time to travel on to Tibet proper. The Old Tibetan Town plus Songzanlin Monastery are a must see places when in Zhongdian. Songzanlin Gompa is a clone of ...

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Yunnan Music – Bai Temple Festival, Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan Travel, China

bai temple erahi lake

Wondering the narrow alleyways of Erhai lakeside villages near Dali in Yunnan Province of southwestern China one can get lucky and stumble upon a genuine Bai village temple fest. Tourists who prefer to keep to Dali guidebooks most recommended sites seldom visit the smallest of these villages. Yet it is here at a typical village temple that a village folk ...

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Ancient Wooden Architecture of Zhaoxing, Dong Village, Guizhou, China

Guizhou is one of lesser-visited provinces of China. This is largely due to its remote mountainous character and bad roads, especially in its southeastern corner, where a number of fascinating ethnic minorities such as Bouyei, Sui, Hui, Zhuang, Miao and Dong are found. Although much of these ethnic groups live in poverty, Dong relatively prosper and construct intriguing compact villages ...

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