Best 8 Museums In The World

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Spread worldwide are the museums of distinctive and historic significance. Each museum includes a tale to tell and made to differ. There’s almost nothing that you might not get in an art gallery. Sometimes, we’re amazed to locate things that needs to be lengthy gone resting in certain famous museums. The storyline that we’re told whenever we visit these museums ...

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Why choose an all inclusive holiday to Egypt?

When you think of all inclusive deals, your mind might automatically spring images of pretty generic holidays in Europe. If it does, it”s time to change your thinking, since these days all inclusive hotels come in all varieties – from budget to luxury – in destinations across the world. When it comes to the ultimate place for an all inclusive ...

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Adventure holiday ideas for families with toddlers

Egypt's Pyramids

Having young children does not mean you have to forego fun holidays to exciting destinations – there are plenty of options out there that parents and toddlers alike can enjoy. Booking tours that cater specifically to families with little ones can take the stress out of planning your getaway and ensure all the activities you try will be suitable for ...

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Holidays in timeless Egypt

In the ultra modern era of 21st century, a world driven by big money derived from oil profits, city planners of oil rich states such as Dubai, as well as post-communist dictators style of self-proclaimed former Turkmenbashi, the Leader of All Turkmen, or another one of his kind, the dictator of Kazakhstan, all built themselves great pyramids. Whether memorials, congress ...

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The best of Egyptian cuisine

Egyptians take great pride in their national cuisine. Egyptian cooking is associated with its long, ancient history and much of the traditional cooking techniques and ingredients are a reminder of these classical times. Trying the local cuisine is an essential part of Egypt holidays. If you’re planning a Trip to Egypt on your holidays, make sure you eat well on ...

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Conversations with a few people in Egypt

MOHAMMAD THE GUIDE The often mentioned Mohammed was our guide for the twelve days we toured in northern Egypt. He is a very religious man with the stain on his forehead, the result of banging his head either on a stone, if the story can be believed, but certainly on the ground during his time of prayer. The stain is ...

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Travels in Egypt: Conclusion

Travel in Egypt Conclusion from our tour experience

RANDOM THOUGHTS TOURING Depending on whose figures you use, approximately twelve million people visit Egypt each year. From all parts of Europe, they are rounded up and packaged into inexpensive tours and arrive in plane loads or ship loads to be repackaged into bus loads and deposited at the tourist sites. Wherever Donald and I went, we had the feeling ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – A Visit to Lawrence Durrell’s House

Villa Ambron 19 Sharia Maamoun In 1941, Lawrence Durrell was living in Greece with his wife and daughter. When Greece fell to the invading Nazis, they, along with other British nationals, were evacuated to Egypt. At first, he was dissatisfied with his new situation. He had been forced to leave his beloved Corfu and his marriage, soon to be over, ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – Part 3

eliyahu hanavi SYNAGOGUE

FIRST A VISIT TO THE FISH MARKET We toured in Alexandria for two full days, time enough to cover all the important sites and to contemplate what was no longer there. Before we began the official tour, I wanted another slice of daily life and suggested a visit to their wholesale fish market. Since the days of the Pharaohs, the ...

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Egypt: Trip to Alexandria – Part 2

Several days after returning from the White Desert, we left Cairo, destination Alexandria, where we were scheduled to spend three nights at the Cecil, hotel of choice during the Colonial period. The distance between the two cities is 140 miles. In 1856, the British linked Cairo and Alexandria with a rail line and in 1925, they began the Alex to ...

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